SUSE/openSUSE Forums and Wiki authentication/authorization no longer unified

Just wondering if this change which happened about a week ago was intentional…
I haven’t checked whether similar has happened for any other combination of online services…

Even if I’m newly logged into either the Forums or the Wiki pages, I now have to log in again to the other.
Before a week ago, there was unified authentication where when I was logged into one I was automatically logged into the other.


Thanks for reporting.
At least one person confirmed this behavior. Staff is looking into it.
More to follow.

SUSE updated Access Manager (the single sign on app behind login) on Jan 26.
I know they’re having some issues. I’ve forwarded your complaint to them.
Stay tuned.

Kim - 2/12/2018 3:10:52 PM

Short answer is yes, this was intentional, but it is probably not permanent.

Long answer, there are two single sign-on systems behind openSUSE:

  • Access Manager, which is managed by SUSE/Micro Focus IT teams (forums, blogs, and until recently, wikis)
  • A homegrown authentication module developed and managed by openSUSE (pretty much everything else)

Interestingly enough, these two systems are not set up to SSO with each other. The trend has been for openSUSE to move sites from Access Manager to their own solution, and it appears that they recently did this with the wikis. Unfortunately, this broke SSO with the sites that are still behind Access Manager. I’m going to reach out to those guys to see what their long term plan is. I imagine that they will either want to move the remaining sites to their solution, or they will want to enable SSO with Access Manager.