Suse Newbie installing Teamviewer

Hi I’m a complete newbie in Suse.

My current Situation is I rented a virtual Server with Suse 10.3.
I have access to the shell via ssh.

Is there any way to install Teamviewer or likewise via ssh to get access to the remote desktop?

I downloaded the Teamviewer_linux.rpm and tried to install with rpm command but it showed me some dependency and refused to install.

I searched some Forums and got to know a command “yast” exists which should automatically resolve dependencies.

I tried “yast -i teamviewer_linux.rpm”. It didn’t show anything so I thought it might have worked, but if I query with “rpm -q teamviewer_linux.rpm” it tells me package is not installed.

Hope someone can explain to me how to install a remote desktop preferably teamviewer.

You have started a likewise thread already →here. There is no need to multipost.

It was not my Intention to multipost.
In this thread I hoped to find a way to install a remote Desktop in the other I hoped to learn about the policies where Linux puts what. So I can install and run Software.

Try zypper:

zypper in teamviewer_linux.rpm