suse newbie cannot add packages, add founts, set up desktop

I have been using Linux for a few years, but am new to openSuse. I can use Ubuntu and Debian, but Suse is quite different. So my difficulties may seem childish.

Problem 1 - Adding packages: I was able to download scim, because I know the name of the package. However, I cannot add languages. I have the extra languages c.d., but Yast will not install anything. I have a list of folders on the disc, but Yast thinks they are empty. I checked the package download area of Suse’s web-site, but searching for languages turns up nothing. Apparently one needs to know the name of the packages. Is there a simple way to download packages? I should not need to know the name of every package. I found Chinese in the package manager (I have yet to try it, so do not yet know if I have what I want.), but cannot find Latin. I am not worried about German, because it should be part of the basic system.

Problem 2 - Adding simple things: I also cannot add founts. Does Suse have a permissions system like Debian and Ubuntu? I need to add these founts for the documents I work on. How do I gain access to the user foulders? With Debian and Ubuntu it is alt+F2, then, gksu nautilus. Does Suse use something similar?

Problem 3: This problem is embarrassing. After freshly installing the system I played with desktop customisation. The result is strange. The only way I can have the cute green screen with the chameleon logo is with the “virus” theme. Ugly; do not want it. If I set it up the way it originally was with “image” I can only have a solid colour of my choice. Are there bugs in the system or am I hopeless?


Welcome to openSUSE.

Here’s some basic readings for you :

Problem 4 - Printer; I just discovered that apparently Suse does not include drivers, which is very strange for a Linux system. In order to install my printer I must go to the cups web-site, but I am forbidden to add a printer??? Very strange. With other Linux systems it is simply turn on the printer and it is immediately identified.

Check that. I downloaded files and configured the printer with my system tools, but my printer still does not exist.

Hello Randicus_Craco_albus,

Welcome here and I hope we can help you. But with the Linux experience you allready have, you know that in Unix/Linux most things can be done in different ways. Thus when you describe a problem, telling a vague story does not help others to understand you. Thus for your installation problems, describe please what you are using (YaST/zypper) and what you see, which terms you use in the Search field and what are the results of that. Also a list of the repos you have might enlighten people here, thus please post the output of

zypper lr -d

And while yyou are new to the forums software here, allow me to point to the fact that we like computer session text between CODE tags: Posting in Code Tags - A Guide.

Hi, this affirmation is IMO a misconception.

Please, like hcvv told you, if you want us to help you, give us some precise information on your system. Stop being vague…

What is the make of your printer?