SUSE LIVE Noob question, please help…

I have a sony vaio 64 bit system currently running Vista x64 ultimate. My problem is that when I load the 64 bit version 11.1…it doesn’t load and gives me error, but when I load the 32 bit version it loads…why is this??


you should post the error,
before we can help you, we
have to know what problems
you have!

So, i just can suppose:

there’s a ACPI Problem…

Sometimes the the ACPI isn’t
recognized or supported.
Use one or a combination of
the kernel parameters
described here.

it just gets me to the linux: ~ prompt

When the boot splash screen show and the computer is booting, press ‘Esc’ and look for errors.
Also try booting in failsafe mode.

is there an easy way to log the info on the screen instead of writing this *(& down?

Here are the errors I was able to log:

hardware clockhwclock failed
NO acpi support in kernel skipped
(cpu frequency not supported)
Hal deamon 2629 segment fault
Starting smartd /etc/init.d/smartd: line 180: 3809 bus error $SMARTD_BIN $smartd_opts
Master resource control: run level 5 has been reached nscd
skipped services in runlevel 5 nfs acpid irq_balancer

There it is, what i supposed:

The ACPI System of your Computer isn’t supported.
Because of that the system skips it:

Try Failsafe-Mode or those ACPI Kernel Parameters.
If you’re using a 64-Bit Version, try a 32-Bit once.