Suse Linux and XP Boot Issue

First of all, I’m a semi newbie.

So here’s the fully story.

A little while back I got a new (old) computer. It already had XP on it, but I was curious/interested in Linux. After some research I downloaded and installed Ubuntu 8.10. It worked great - for a while. I had a dual boot and would use both systems regularly.

A couple months ago Ubuntu began having problems. The keyboard and mouse would crash - sometimes in the middle of me working, and sometimes when I wasn’t even home. A couple weeks ago it got to the point where when I got to the login screen the keyboard and mouse would crash every time - so I just stopped using it.

Then a couple days ago I started hitting the max capacity on my XP partition (100gb for XP, 150gb for Ubuntu). In my frustration with the Ubuntu hardware issues I made the total newbie error of deleting the Ubuntu partition. Then when I tried to restart the system I would get the Error 17 message and the system would freeze.

So, I figured I would give Suse a try. I created the CD on another computer and installed it in the now available 150gb space. Everything worked great - no hardware issues. But, now the GRUB doesn’t let me dual boot like Ubuntu did. The only options are for Suse and Suse Safemode (I don’t remember the exact name).

On one forum I did find instructions for ducking out of the GRUB and booting XP (rootnoverify (hd0,0) and chainloader (hd0,0)+1 and boot). This did work and XP booted up (but for some reason the internet connection did not work).

All this whoo-ha is to ask for 2 simple things. 1) How do I get my dual boot back so that I can choose what operating system I boot? 2) How do I move my partitions around so that I have another 50gb on the XP side?

Thanks for getting through the full version - and I really appreciate any help that you can offer me!!

Boot suse and do the following from a su terminal:

fdisk -l


cat /boot/grub/menu.lst

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