Suse Linux and Android Devices

Dear Marketing
I have several android devices that run Android Linux Distro,
I have been trying numerous mods to Android Tabs and Phones.
I believe that College Student and maybe precollege
Will use Tablets and download their homework and Books
from the School Book Store and their teaches will assign
studies VIA email or Web pages.
This generation may prefer I pads and tablets for work
as they become CEO’s making use of WIFI and 3g connections
from and to anywhere in the world without the need of a
Lap top or PC.
My android cellphone can stream video better than most laptops.
I watch TV on my Android Tablet .using a Verizon WIFI app I can
order movies and store them on my Tab.
Many hardware devices are being made that are portable
PC’s on a Watch that Links to a Tablet VIA WIFI.
There is a Large group of Android Software Development
forums I frequent XDA.
You may wish to start research and devolpment on a smaller
size Distro that Links to Suse based software making intergration
with Tablets,Cell Phones, and wifi Internet.
I believe there will be a Google cell phone tjhat runs on Linux this Year.
Ubuntu has added a devolpment team for intergration of Ubuntu software
for commercial office intergration for Android devices, Imagine your clients.
wanting this for meetings and work interfaces for faxes, printers,
deployed employees. My android cell phone has Apps to connect
to any wifi printer reports can be easily emailed to work software
uses will allow data conversion to any format windows excell reports.
My Tablet has two cameras one facing forward one towards the user
you could stream video and voice for recorded meetings or
Groups at multiple sites without buyning Camera’s and required Software,
this market will be more cost effective than windows based software systems.
I have discovered a Distro for Android systems for phones and tablets
that resembles SUSE.?
Chameleon OS for android Devices??