SuSE linux 10

Hey I am using SuSE linux 10 and it doesn’t have a gcc-++ package or anything and I don’t know how to compile code with the older SuSE compilers. gcc doesn’t work but there is a version of gcc installed on my computer and I was wondering if you guys know how to use the SuSE linux 10 gcc compiler or if you could at least point me in the right direction for using the gcc that comes with SuSE linux 10.

Thanks for your time.

Hey you guys have been pretty bisy so I wanted to donate a peice of code I just built for myself you have to be careful using it like make a tmp directory to open the rpms in and just copy that directory where you want the files if it works right for you.

ok here it is, It will open all your rpms
rename naming them then making a directory with there name and mving the renamed .rpm file to the directory that is of its name along with switching to the directory the rpm file is mved to and running the rpm2cpio script to extract the rpm it a directory with its name and then switching back to the directory where the rpm used to be and where the new directory is with the rpms exact name.
If you do large qauntities you might have to have some patience because I just found out I need more random access memory. It works though and its good for opening all the rpms that come on cds so you can

for rpm2cio in *.rpm
mv $rpm2cio tmp$rpm2cio
mkdir $rpm2cio
mv tmp$rpm2cio $rpm2cio/$rpm2cio
cd $rpm2cio
rpm2cio $rpm2cio | cpio -idmv
cd …
ls -hlsa $rpm2cio | more