SuSE laptop won't connect wirelessly; Windoze computer will

Hello, everyone. Strange problem I hope someone can help with.

On numerous occasions I have not been able to connect wirelessly while colleagues with Windoze computers have been. My lappy is by “Linux Certified.” Now running SuSE 11.0. Previously running SuSE 10.0.


  1. While using SuSE 10.0 I could not even find a wireless connection from my hotel room. But the person with whom I was traveling could connect from the same hotel room desk using Windoze XP. I had to move down to the lobby to detect the connection point and go on-line.

  2. While using same computer, now upgraded to SuSE 11.0, the same thing happened in a different hotel. In this instance my computer could “see” that there was a wireless connection point but could not connect. Again I had to go down to the lobby. A different traveling colleague could connect from the same desk using XP.

Any ideas why my lappy seems to have such difficulty finding and connecting wirelessly? Is this something that is hardware dependent? Software dependent?

Is there other information you need to provide assistance?


This should have been posted in the wireless forum. Go there and read the stickies.

There have been many, many improvements in Linux wireless since 2.6.25, the
kernel in openSUSE 11.0. I would recommend using 11.1.

Thanks. I’ll review and repost over there. :slight_smile: