SUSE Issue with Japanese Language


I am from the data Center project in INDIA. Well, we’re trying to do the SUSE automated Installation using some Cisco Tools.

With the Configuration file for autoyast installation, i was able to successfully automate Suse in English language. But i need the installation to be

done in japanese, so i tired chaging the autoyast configuration file for Japanese language, by changing the Keymap, and the language, the installation was not in japanese, instead it was in English.


This is the config file i changed. Let me know what all need to be changed in the autoyast configuration file to get the installation done in japanese.

it will really help us a lot.


On 07/07/2012 11:46 AM, vengadaraja wrote:

> we’re trying to do the SUSE automated Installation using some Cisco Tools.

what version of “SUSE” are you using?

i ask because these are the openSUSE forums and i’m not familiar with a
“SUSE automated Installation” so i have a hunch you are using a version
of SUSE Enterprise Linux…if so, the forums for all of those is over

the same log in ID/Password you used here works there also…

if, on the other hand, you are using openSUSE, please tell us the version…

What does DistroWatch write about YOU?:

Well , i use SUSE Version 11, and used the below software


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  2. Please do allways tell which software (version) you use. Prominently of course the version of openSUSE. We can not guess what you do, only you can tell us.

  3. This seems to me somethingh with autoyast, why did you not prominently put that word in the title of this thread. You need to draw the attention of fellow autoyast users, thus do not hide that until it shows up somewhere halfway in your post.

  4. Before I forget, I see you ae new here, thus **welcome. **Do not let you be shyed away from here because of the points above. You will learn vast :wink: and generaly most people here are nice girls and guys, but they are all volunteers and do not want their time spoiled to ask for obvious things.

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