SUSE Image Writer won't open

I installed the SUSE Image Writer through Yast and whenever i click on it, or try to run it in the terminal, nothing happens. What is going on?

If you mean the Kiwi image writer, you must run it with root permissions. Try

gnomesu imagewriter


kdesu imagewriter

Hello and welcome here.

That said, please note that we can not see what you have, do or see. Thus allways first tell what version of openSUSE you use. And while you say you “click” something, I guess you use a desktop environmnet, Then please tell us which one, there are many (KDE, Gnome, …).

And also be very, very exact and precise in what you tell. Thus saying “run it in the terminal, nothing happens” is almost unbelievable. You should at least get back a prompt, or is the terminal session “hanging”? Much better then telling this in a long story is using your mouse and copy/paste the prompt, command and all including the next prompe in your post between CODE tags. And about those CODE tags, please see here: