suse hard disk installation problem

i decided to install suse via hard-disk but i failed.i mounted the image and successfully enter the desktop to install it .with everything installed ,the configuration completed(also the GRUB installed),it required reboot with a note appeared dont take the cd away.and i reallized i must have been in trouble coz id no chance to mount the cd image to a mount point it said that error:missing os id appreciate it if u could provide a solution here.

Sorry, but we need a better description of exactly what you did and what happened. The more information, the better.

well thanx a lot.the fact is i decided to install suse via hard disk not burnning cd.the first step was i used a grub to initialize the linux kernel and initrd like this (all preparation had done)
kernel (hd0,6)/linux vga=891 kiwidebug=1
initrd …/initrd
when it cant mount the live cd , i mounted the opensuse11.1 live cd i686.iso to a mount point created then by myself.u know this version of suse doesnt support the hard disk installation.after typing boot i successfully enter the x windows to continue the installation.after the configuration done, everything goes well untill reboot which require the cd(actualy i have none) in the cd-rom.when it can`t find the live cd it turned out that no OS can be that moment my MBR had a word i wanna have a multibootable system of windows xp and linux thanx again!