Suse gnome menu style... howto change this.

Oke, my question is quite simple… but please do not mis understand me here…

I wish to use the old style main menu instead of the suse style menu…this i am able to do just perfectly by adding the proper applet…

but here is the thing, the diffirent menu’s are devided into
subfolders for internet browsers,e-mails clients, enz, enz en i find this highly anoying.
Is it possible to have all the icons just shown in the main folder by changing the menu style ? i know it must be possible because ubuntu has this setup, but how to do it in suse 10.3 ? or 11.0 ?

[thi is the menu style i am have now

and [url=]this]( is what i wish to have it changed to.

i know it must be possible because thisscreenshot proofs it.

can anyone tell me to change this ? i can’t find it anywhere.

right click on the panel and click add to panel and add the menu applets u want, just do a bit of exploring and u will find everything u need :slight_smile:

not exactly sure about gnome but in kde there is a menu editor where you can edit the menu exactly as you want. in gnome there is bound to be a similar thing. in kde it is in the control centre.

:smiley: i have already got the old style start menu back again…that was not my question :wink:

The old style main menu is showing all the programs in catagory’s like internet browser’s and e-mail client under the actual internet section in the startmenu.

I want a start menu without these catagory’s like ubuntu has … it must be possible, the screenshots proofs it, i just kind find it anywhere.

Rightclick → edit Menu

Then just move the programm-links from the subcategory to the main category.

Should work I think

yes it does, but every new program wil again be put in the sub catagoy’s and if a new user logs into my network (school) i don’t wan’t to have to replace or move every icon… :smiley:

There must be a simple tickbox or setting somewhere that handles this… isn’t there ?
THe last screen sort of proof my point aswell, check it out.

Those screenshots seem to be very very old.
I guess change everything manually is the fastest way. Gconf doesnt show any option to change that either.

Even it is not your solution, what about sticking to the new gnome menu. ( you cant tell me you use more that 10 apps very frequently, just add every programm you use to the favourites)
And take a look at gnome-do. Gnome-do is really nice if you want a quick way to start every app. (strg + space opens menu where you can enter your command / programm, just take a look)

If you dont care about that and just want to fix your problem, sorry I cant help you. Maybe someone can…

Right-click on the panel and then select add a panel. When that panel appears then right-click on it and select Add to Panel…
Select Traditional Gnome Menu.