suse frose up

in suse 11 kde4 my computer froze up while using cinelerra. the cursor wouldnt move. In windows id hit cntrl -alt-delete to see if end tasking some programs would help but what can i do in suse 11 , if anything, to avoid a reboot?


> anything, to avoid a reboot?

i doubt it…
lots of possible causes of such freeze up is apparent in 11.0 with KDE4,
i would try to solve the problem by fixing these things, in order:

  • first, KDE4 is EXPERIMENTAL SOFTWARE, if you have ANYTHING on your
    computer you do not want to lose, do NOT use it…install the stable
    KDE3.something package instead

  • lots of folks are finding their freeze up was caused by beagle, kill
    that dog!

  • folks using reiser file system missed reading that there is a KNOWN
    bug between reiser and version 11.0, so move to a different file system…

  • some folks are finding that Firefox3 and v 11.0 are not so friendly

  • some folks who have never had any problems with USB and SuSE 10.x are
    now having all kinds of strange problems

if you use the web forum search function you will find plenty of free
and sometimes helpful advice on dealing with these:

kde4 beagle reiser firefox usb

good luck, post again as you methodically work your way through to

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