SUSE Forum Members in the Mist- A Requiem

:frowning: It is sad to report that MattB did not survive his trek to find help from the Poachers of the new merged Lowland and Upland SUSE Users. He unfortunately encountered the the fierce NNTP! (Naked Novell Tribal Programmers) and was overcome with emotions that are not suitable for a public audience. This group is known for cannibalism and C+ usage so it is no wonder MattB was overwhelmed.

  • A programming note- Normally the International Geographical Society shows the Tribal people but since there are no Females of the species we have forgone doing so in this matter! I think viewers understand (How are we to get ratings if there is no Naked Women?? Sheesh!)*

For all those who have supported the research of MattB we wish to extend our sympathies and a request that you support some other Forum member that need your Tokens. The work of MattB will be carried on some day perhaps in a new forum.

I am sure if MattB had survived he would have wished everyone the best (actually he would have said some rather profane things, demanded free drinks, made off with the Forums receipts and/or ladies, and done something rude and perhaps disgusting, but we should not say bad things about the departed…) just as we join with him in doing so.

Adios, Auf Widershin, Aloha, Sayonarra, Parting is such sweet sorrow and goodbye! :cool:

I hope this isn’t a final Goodbye MattBClassic and that you will still inject you unique sense of humour into this forum from time to time :wink:

You’ll be sorely missed if this is a final goodbye. Either way good luck on your adventure and may our paths cross elsewhere.

Re-reading I’m hoping that this is a goodbye to MattB and a hello to MattBClassic the re-incarnation :wink:

I just visualized this… & it was not pretty and I kind of lost the rest of your post.

In other words… what are you saying Matt?? :wink:


Great confusion over here. What is going on :confused:

MattB get your rear-end back here, you ain’t leaving me alone with all these heathens! :eek:

I hate to see Matt leave the board. It really is a shame to see his comedic genius gone.

This doesn’t really make sense.
MattB died years ago and was sent back as MattBClassic to keep peace on earth. The post refers to MattB and not MattBClassic, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s leaving.
Besides, MattBClassic can’t leave. I still have his moonshine. :smiley:

If you look in the forum leaders list, you will no longer see MattBClassic’s name there. He is still a member however. openSUSE Forums - View Profile: MattBClassic

MattBClassic wrote:

> :frowning: It is sad to report that MattB did not survive his trek


> Adios, Auf Widershin, Aloha, Sayonarra, Parting is such sweet sorrow
> and goodbye! :cool:
You’ll be missed, friend, (as he fades into the mist) :frowning:

This is frying my brain… I think I read it again tomorrow and think ’ TGIF!! ’

Although you might not be a god anymore :wink: glad you will be sticking in with us simple people ! :slight_smile:

So I say to you : Welcome MattBClassic!

Sorry to see you go Matt although I can relate to your decision.