suse for tosh tecra 520cdt

hello all,

i wish to install suse on a tosh tecra 520cdt, running a pentium MMX CPU@166mhz, it has 20gb HD and 160 MB ram. i have tried the latest open suse build and i get errors when installing, after a bit of research i have found that suse 8.2 , 9.0, ad 9.1 were suitable and installed without a hitch, can anyone assist in advising where the ISO’s for his vintage would be or if no iso’s are available how do i net install?


I do not think that you can still it get from opensuse web site, but there are still shops who sells CD from this old versions for about 10 Euros some times included all updates from the time that they were still supported.

ok, will keep my eyes open for them. thanks. is there any way of doing the net install?? as i have found the 9.1 library but there is no iso, only RPM packages