Suse does not load to X-Window

I’m a new user of suse and not really good in codings. I’ve installed Open Suse 10 in by dell optiplex 330 and i’ve encountered several problems:

  1. In network connection it says that there is no network device

  2. I can’t use Desktop effects, 3d Accelerator as it says something about XLG.

  3. I’ve tried to (hold shift and double clicking) and there was a message(i didn’t read) about 2D and 3D, then it changed to DOS mode like Enter User name, Enter password and when i log in it just remains in DOS mode.

Help me out to get back to my main X-window(if i’m not mistaken).

First give us the spec of you’re hardware it than might be more easy to help you.
1)Assuminf that you connect to the internet using a ethernet cart you have to configure the eternet cart first
2) you only can enable the 3D if the correct driver is installed.
3) What do you try to do with this action ?
4) DO you have a GUI ?
5) If so with one is installed ?

My hardware is as follows
CPU: Dual core intel p e2160, 1800MHZ(9 x 200)
M.Board:Dell optiplex 330
Video adapter:Intel(R) G33/G31 express Chipset Family 128MB
Network adapter:Broadcom Netxtreme 57xx Gigabit Controller

About GUI, is that when the OS is loading, it has to go to friendly interface, but now it remains in DOS like mode asking me to type username and password

More over i’ve seen like level 5 is skipped

First things first . . . at the boot menu in the Boot Options box down below type the number 3 (just a “3”, no quotes). That will take you to a login prompt, login with your user name. Then do (the “su” command will prompt you for the root password, type that when it does):

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa

Did you get a gui?