SuSE Chameleon/Gecko

I would like to place a plush toy of the SUSE Chameleon in my office. Anyone know where I can order one?
A display of support of Linux in my office would be nice.
Finding a Firefox phoenix plush would be great too. rotfl!

SUSE chameleon - Geeko -

Any thing in the united states.

On 09/10/2008 vwbond wrote:
> Any thing in the united states.

Novell’s marketing dept. got outsourced to Elbonia but I see what I can find. They must be available somewhere, since I have one, sitting in the Yucca in my office.

Hang on


People that want these will have to get in line.

But here is some stuff you can buy

The openSUSE Shop
SuSE Linux Online Store : SuSE Linux Online Store

On 09/11/2008 kgroneman wrote:
> People that want these ‘will have to get in line’
> (

Quote from the very page:

“Considering Novell has joined the dark side and is teaming with Microsoft to copyright and destroy Linux while using SUSE as a tool, I’d take Geeko and ship it right back to Novell HQ with the message - ‘No thanks’.”

So there should be some at Novell HQ <G>


  • vwbond wrote, On 09/10/2008 11:16 PM:
    > Any thing in the united states.

It’s harder than one might imagine :slight_smile:
Go here:
and ask them.

Good luck