SUSE Boot only if acpi=off

I have an ASUS 7265NGW with I guess an ibrid graphic card - Intel and Nvidia Gforce 950M .
I have installed Leap 42.2 using the usb stick with acpi=off option on launch (press e before set install) .

Boot EFI dual boot windows - suse ; boot secure options and fast boot ->off
All packages have been updated to last version available on 21/4/2017
Now the system boot only with kernel (4.4.57-l8.3-default) parameters acpi=off.

I have tried to install bumblebee and nvidia drivers following
but no result.

If I boot without the acpi=off I get to login black screen and the fun start to go very hard and don’t stop.

My touchpad don’t work and I can only use an external mouse.

Any idea about how to run Leap 42.2 on this kind of PC?
Thanks for any help.

**Looks like that upgrading to kernel 4.10 solved may issue of acpi

I have installed bumblebee with nvidia-bumblebee

To upgrade kernel follow:

su -**
zypper ar -f kernel zypper ref zypper dup -r kernel

guide to