SUSE and Windows 7 x64 print issue

Hey everyone!
So I am new here, and to SUSE. I have done a lot of research on this and haven’t been able to find anything that has helped, so I thought I would write here to see if anyone can help us.

Here at work, we have SUSE enterprise server 9 and we are having print issues through a program we use called OMD. We have a label printer that is currently plugged into a Windows XP machine with a USB cable, and shared on the network. SUSE hosts a program we use to print labels so we have to add the printer to the SUSE server over the network so we don’t have to put the printer in the server room. In yast, the printer is connected using the Windows smb option, and it works. we are replacing the XP machine with a 64-bit Windows 7 machine and we cannot get the printer to work connect to the Windows 7 machine. When I send a print job to the printer from a Windows machine (using the program that is hosted on the SUSE server), I can see the job in the printer queue on the SUSE server, but it just says processing and does nothing. I have made sure that EVERYTHING (that I know of or have found in researching this issue) is set the same for the printer being hosted on the new Windows 7 machine that doesn’t work and the old Windows XP machine that does work.

Can anyone help please? I have provided all the information I think you will need to help but if not ask and I will add it here. Is there a setting on the Windows 7 machine that needs to be set to allow it? I know its not being blocked in the firewall and the sharing permissions are set to allow guest and anonymous so the printer can be shared (I can get to the label printer for other windows machines on the network). Please help, we need to get rid of this machine by the end of the month!!

Your posting in the wrong forum, should be over at (same username/password) :wink:

Maybe the version of Windows 7 installed doesn’t have the ability?

Thanks! I didn’t know :X , Sorry!

But I hope that is not the case though, the XP machine is a home edition and the Win7 is Professional. I know they run on different kernels I just don’t know what I would have to do different between the two systems.