SuSE 9.3 - login works as root but not as user


I have this weird problem :
I can with no problem login as a root in the graphic mode, but if i try to log as a common user (i’ve tried different users), there is this black screen (sometimes with an underscore on the top left, sometimes with a cursor forming an ‘X’ on the middle) during 5 minutes (or a few seconds if the user has just been created), and then it comes back to the login screen. There is no problem if i try to login in the console and the problem is not solved if i try another windows manager (twm for example).

Moreover i have the process cupsd that is taking 50% of the cpu.

Please could someone help ?

Change run level to ‘3’ by either booting, typing a 3 at the boot prompt, or as root logging in on console, and running :

exec init 3

You should find the graphics login on CNTRL-ALT-F7 goes, and you just have terminal logins on the virtual consoles.

Now as a normal user log in.

Try “startx” and see if there’s some permissions problem.

Most likely someone logged in as root, has accidentally made something inacessible to normal users.

You may want to try doing a “groups <user>” to see if they’re members of video, audio if it’s needed etc.

cupsd is the printing system, perhaps you can clear that by stopping it and removing everything in the queue.