Suse 13.1 will not install

I’m serious, I cannot get the software to install. Everything was fine then some thing broke in automatic configuration and I get a violet colored box in the upper left corner:

Thu Oct 23 10:48:09 CDT 2014
last line is followed by a white rectangle

I won’t repeat the previous trials; posted in another forum.
this is turning ugly. Real ugly.
so much for ease of use.
Need help and lots of it.

Video card??

Did you try booting to recovery mode. It is in the advanced section.

Much more information is needed.

We first need to know if the install started, did it complete, did it crash part way through, did this occur after install and before first boot, does GRUB come up or not at boot, etc.

But, as gogalthorp suggests, I suspect video card/driver issues.

We just need to know where before we can tell you what to do.