Suse 12.3 will not boot past Starting LSB: X Display Manager

Trying to install Suse 12.3 on Toshiba Satellite L755 D-S5109 with AMD A4-305-M-APU Radeon HD Graphics X86_64.
Suse 12.2 runs fine. Suse 12.3 will stop booting at Starting LSB: X Display Manager. I can run Suse 12.3 in terminal mode and used Yast for on line update.
No other drivers have been stalled. Any one have an answer.

Does it boot into emergency mode? If you can, then you can change video drivers from a graphical desktop, else you’ll need to boot into text mode and use yast ncurses mode or zypper. If this is your problem, there are already a number of threads running about this.

Have you read the Release Notes about the HKM setting?
Are you running proprietary community drivers?

Seems there may be a problem with proprietary drivers for some hardware.
Solution might be to install community drivers for now (if they work) until the proprietary drivers issue is fixed.