Suse 12.3 Slow booting and displays error message like "Your Network Credentials has expired blabla"

Hello SUSE friends

I newly installed SUSE 12.3 in my entire HD replaced windows due to stunning looks and ease of use.

But now i am facing few issues

  1. Screen saver appearing between VLC videos (unable to disable it completely in GNOME/KDE/…)

  2. One error message “Kerberos Auth Error: Your Network Credentials has expired” on boot time

  3. LiberOffice not working fine (crashed while i edit file and on opening my changes are lost)

  4. Not detecting Nikon S3100 camera (worked in windows ), IPAD

  5. Themes are not working properly (unable to change theme in KDE followed all the documents available )

Still i am happy with SUSE :slight_smile:

  1. go to configure Desktop - Workspace behavior - Screen Edges
    select a corner and set no screen locker Then when you watch a movie or what ever placce the moise in that corner to supress the screen locker

  2. Don’t know… happen all the time or a one time thing??

  3. Have no clue propritary stuff can be a pain

  4. What documents? maybe old out of date things change fast in KDE world