SuSE 12.3 doesn't play files from GoPro camera and cannot even copy them to desktop

Hello, everyone. I’m using SuSE 12.3 with KDE 4.10.5 release 1

I just got a GoPro Hero4 Silver camera system. When I plug it into my 12.3 computer using USB the files display in Dolphin. I see the still pictures as .jpg files and the movies as .mp4 files.

However, even though the files show on my monitor clicking on them gets only this error message:

Error – KIOExec
Unknown error code 150
Unspecified error
Please send a full bug report at

If I try to drag and drop a file to my desktop I get this message:

Information – Plasma Desktop Shell
Unknown error code 150
Unspecified error
Please send a full bug report at

In the Notifications window I get multiple messages that the camera has finished initializing and other notifications that the copying has finished.

But nothing shows on my desktop. Nothing has actually copied to the desktop (unless it’s invisible). :wink:

If I plug the camera into a Windoze computer I can copy the files to that computer’s desktop, then copy to a thumbdrive, and then from the
thumbdrive I can copy the files to my SuSE desktop and they’ll play just fine.

So I am now in the unfortunate position of having to put everything onto that Windoze computer first and only then will the files play on SuSE.

Very odd.

GoPro technical support only knows Windows and Mac – no help at all with Linux.

I found no references to the GoPro camera system in these forums so I’m hoping someone out there has one and has been able to
get past this problem. Or maybe someone has an idea about some dependency that I’m missing or something else that is preventing SuSE from
playing anything directly from the camera or even transferring its contents to the SuSE computer without first going through Windoze.

As an FYI, when I first plugged the GoPro into the Windoze computer it spit out some messages about having to get special drivers for the GoPro. Once it had done that
the files would transfer from the camera to the Windoze computer.

Thanks for your thoughts and wise counsel.


12.3 is 1 day away from end of support - Just FYI

It uses a MicroSD?
Might be worth trying SD card reader or adaptor ?

This problem is reported in a 2011 Ubuntu thread. I would expect that by now gphoto (which does all the hard work) would have been updated to take account of this situation. So you may find that the answer is to install 13.2.

Thanks for reply.

I was not aware that support for 12.3 ended tomorrow. I just now (January 2nd) downloaded a bunch of updates (approx. 30) that popped up through “Notifications.” If support is ending tomorrow why would so many updates just now be appearing?

Maybe I’m not understanding what you mean by end of support.

As to trying a card reader, thanks for that suggestion. I’ll pull the card out of the camera and see if that works. Will report back.


Hoping not to have to go that route as otherwise 12.3 is working so well, but I understand and appreciate your point that going to 13.2 might be necessary.

Thank you.


All I can say is:

It is often the case though that package updates will carry on for some time after. Though I can’t guarantee anything.

Understood. Thank you.

OK, I pulled the microSD card from the camera and put it into a card reader. Some interesting results.

Upon opening the folder of files while they were in the card-reader:

  1. If I right clicked on an mp4 and used Kaffeine as my player the video would open but without audio and playing very herky-jerky.
  2. If I closed the file and immediately reopened it again with Kaffeine it played correctly – both audio and video.
  3. Same thing would happen if I used SM-Player. First time opening no audio and jerky video, but close and reopen and it played just fine.

I can’t be worried about this slight inconvenience, especially given the following.

Then I copied (drag and drop) some of the video files from the card reader to my SuSE 12.3 desktop

  1. They seem to play just fine from the desktop.

So… Thanks so much for the remarkably simple suggestion/solution to pull the SD card from the camera. Using the card-reader allows me to avoid having to transfer the files to a Windoze computer and then to a thumbdrive and then to the SuSE computer. Such a simple and elegant solution – I sit here embarrassed realizing I would never have thought of something so very, very obvious. :embarrassed:

Next step is to plug the camera into my wife’s SuSE 13.2 laptop and see if 13.2 plays nicer with my camera than does my 12.3. I will report the results as soon as possible.

Thanks again! :wink:


Card may not be fast enough to play smoothly but the first time it probably is a factor of the data still being cached so you start reading from RAM memory.

If I right clicked on an mp4 and used Kaffeine as my player the video would open but without audio and playing very herky-jerky

You should copy the files off the SD Card to your Hard Drive for best results.

I always prefer SMPlayer or VLC