SUSE 12.3 Cant enable a desktop wireless network applet

I am trying to enable a wifi connection,I currently enabled by cable to my router.I s ther a tutorial to do this as i cannot get a wireless applet to appear on my desktop.I am trying to set this up using YAST Network Connections? Michael:\

In any case, when you want an applet on the desktop of th end-users to manage the network, you need to switch to Network Manager. That can be done in YaST > Network devices > Network settings and then the Global options tab end then you see it top left.

Another thing is if your Wifi device works. When it does not work directly, read the stick threads at the top of yhis Wireless forums, to see if you can manage yourself. When you can not do it yourself, the sa,e stickies tell you what in formation to post here to make other able to help you.

On 03/15/2013 12:26 PM, thomastt37 wrote:
> I s ther a tutorial

at the top of this forum are three “sticky” posts…most people have
good luck by following those…then, if you still have problems read
them carefully to provide the helpers here the info requested in one
or more of those, in your next post…

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I’m using a usb Wifi dongle which works out of the box for Ubuntu 12.04, so I know it works.

Seems to be recogonised in some ways but I failed utterly to get Yast or Network manager to acknowledge it.

First time with a Suse release for 6 or 7 years…

Am I stupid ? But I’m amazed that this release of Suse hasn’t sort WiFi out…

Or has it and I’ve not stumbled into the right way to get it working?

A very puzzled,



Is this an answer to the question posted by thomastt37 ?

When no, please start a thread of your own and provide the information needed for people eto help you.

Will do.