SUSE 12.2 New install NetworkManager fails to start

On a new install I have the following problems at boot up which are probably interconnected

  • the NetworkManager service fails to start
  • the clamd service fails to start
  • network service fails to start

I am not sure where to look to sort this problem - anyone have ideas?

First we need to know a bit more:

wired / wireless
did you check the settings in Yast? If ifup is selected as the method, and no interfaces configured, that would explain items 1 & 3.

On item 2: did you set it to start in Yast - System - Runlevel editor?

The system is wired and previously was operating Suse 12.1 without problems. This however is a new install as I installed a new hard drive and then copied the Documents, thunderbird mail directory and public_html directories over.

Firstly pleased to say that CLAMD is now functioning correctly
Secondly: the others still throw error messages at boot, viz:

Boot log
Failed to start Network Manager [1;31mFAILED[0m]
See ‘systemctl status NetworkManager.service’ for details.
Dependency failed. Aborted start of Network Manager Wait Online

Failed to start LSB: Configure the localfs depending network interfaces [1;31mFAILED[0m]
See ‘systemctl status network.service’ for details.

The network settings from **YAST **are
At boot
External zone
Dynamic DHCP V4 and V6
Traditional IFUP with V6 enabled
atl1e no options set
No change of hostname by DHCP

However the network obviously works ;)as I am using it to send this message!

That’s why NetworkManager won’t start. It is not supposed to start, because the current network configuration does not require it.

It is really just a spurious error message.

Since you don’t have WiFi, the initial configuration was to not use NetworkManager.

By the way, I see the same spurious error message in my logs.

If you prefer to use NetworkManager, you can switch to that with Yast/Network Settings. My experience is that I am better off without NetworkManager for a desktop with a fixed wired connection and no WiFi.

> Firstly pleased to say that CLAMD is now functioning correctly

i know this is off topic in this thread, but i also know you are new
around here and i can only guess that because of your past experiences
with other operating systems you think ClamAV is needed on openSUSE…

it is not needed for openSUSE…

it is only a waste of space and system resources if you are running it
to find a virus which will attack your openSUSE–because today it can
only find viruses which attach Windows…as there are (so far) zero
Linus viruses to be afraid of…

let me say that a different way: i am not running an anti-virus program
of any kind…and, have not since 1995 and i have (so far) never been
infected by any Windows virus

(of course, i’ve not run Windows since '95–except in a library,
net-cafe, hotel provided machine, etc etc etc)

now: some people say they run Clam on their machine looking for Windows
viruses because they don’t want to accidentally send their Windows using
friends a virus…and, that is one reason to run it–not, for YOUR
machine, but to help others protect theirs…if you wanna spend YOUR
system resources, battery life, or electricity bill to help them, good
on ya’!

however, i’m not prepared to spend my money to buy the extra electricity
to run clam to help protect folks who will NOT protect themselves (if
they used Linux they would be protected, automatically–OR if they ran a
reliable anti-virus themselves they wouldn’t need my electricity to
try to help their virus magnet say clean.)



Actually I am new around here because I have never had a problem that I could not fix. i have been using Suse since Version 9.6 and have several machines running the same OS, together with Ubuntu.
I installed clamav to see how it worked not expecting it not to work
Anyway thanks for all the advice perhaps I will hang around a bit longer and learn some more things from some guys that are genuinely interested in helping others

On 09/12/2012 08:46 PM, Ragodin wrote:
> i have been using Suse since Version 9.6

i didn’t know there was a 9.6, if i remember correctly (and i probably
don’t because i am too old to remember breakfast) i think i went from
9.3 to 10.0

> I will hang around a bit longer and learn some more things from some
> guys that are genuinely interested in helping others

there are lots of guys (and a few gals from time to time) who give a
lot of their free time to help folks get going in Linux/openSUSE…no
one is getting paid to be here!


No offence intended in fact it was said as a complement!
I think it was 9.6 but anyway it was in the early days around 1998 or 9 - perhaps it was 7.6 or some other number

On 09/14/2012 08:46 PM, Ragodin wrote:
> No offence intended

i was not offended and was not kicking about anything you wrote–just
offering information–and a baited hook! because anyone with the amount
of experience you have can not only learn by hanging around, but can
also help those who are less learned than you…so, i was just
mentioning everyone here is a volunteer and i guess i should’a said: You
can be one too!

of course: i’m not trying to add pressure for you to do so–i well
understand that not everyone has the time or inclination to hang around
and try to be helpful!!


Did I miss “Hot to Start NetworkManager widget” ?

I have wireless on my PC and do use it sometimes so I am trying to get NM started and set it in YaST but still after restart , no NM…

: )

I found “ALT-F2” and type “knetworkmanager” but it doesn’t make NM load to panel below as on my laptop,
and the funny thing is if I pull it out as a desktop gadget, it works fine…

Any ideas ?