Suse 12.1 Official Release: Can't login after fresh install

Hi, this is my first post here and this is the first time I am using Suse.

So I have downloaded and installed 12.1 from DVD on a Laptop with existing Windows 7 OS. I installed Suse into its own partition.
After installation I am trying to Log-In. A black window popes up, wit some lines of text, but I cannot read it as it disapperas immediatelly, and I return back to the Log-In window. The log-In data seems to be correct, as if I enter wrong data, behaviour is different ( data gets marked red, and nothing else happens ).

My next step was going through all the choices for Session_Type and try out logging in. I reach one which seamed to work, but I cannot figure out the name any more, think it was KDE Failsafe. In fact it was not working, but got me to a state where I see only a dark purple screen, without text or cursur. When I reboot I always end up in this state now, doesn’t matter which startup option I choose ( Desktop or Failsafe and a Windows Optionwhich works ) without entering the Log-In screen at all.

Where did I screw up, and what can I do to fix this issue ?

Cheers, ParticlePeter !

Tschuldigung, das gehoert wohl doch eher ins englische Forum :slight_smile:

Try choosing the failsafe boot option from the Grub menu

Oder mal eine Installation mit nomodeset als Parameter.

Die Installations-DVD wurde mit md5sum auf Fehler überprüft?

Press Ctrl-Alt-F1 and try to log-in at the console to test, if your credentials work.

I had a similar issue after migrating from 11.4 to 12.1.
I tested the login with another user to figure out it was something in my home directory, so maybe if you add another user to your system, you can test this too.

login as root
~# useradd -m test
~# passwd test