Suse 12.1 - Not able to mount NFS4/krb FS and serve NFS3/unsecure FS instantly

Hi all,

two weeks ago I installed Suse 12.1 on a new PC. My old PC was running 11.3 before.
I have to mount a Kerberos secured network directory from our company server using NFS 4. At the same time I have to export a directory from my PC to an embedded device which uses this mountpoint as a NFS root filesystem. This export has to be unsecured (it’s NFS 3).
Now I have a configuration problem: When I activate NFS_SECURITY_GSS=“yes” in file /etc/sysconfig/nfsserver I’m able to mount but the NFS client can not mount it’s NFS root FS. When I set NFS_SECURITY_GSS=“no” NFS mount is reachable for the embedded device but my secure server mount can not be installed.
I’m confused because my old PC running Suse 11.3 was able to do both NFS connects simultaneously. And I’m wondering why a setting in config file nfsserver influences the client connectivity of my system.

Does anybody know a solution for this?