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using opensuse11 (64bit), I found the following behaviour: with network up, i start Yast - Network Devices - Network Settings - (changing DNS server settings…) - finish.

problem1: network is NOT up any more after this, I have to start it manually with rcnetwork start - this is a serious problem!!! Any solution?

problem2: obviously the network devices are downed / upped whenever there are any tiny network settings changed (e.g. like DNS serch list) - this is completely unnecessary!! Can this be turned off somewhere? network should only be restarted if ip /subnet / gateway is changed.

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ad problem1) I think this is a real bug in suse11 that the network is left in a down state (at least not reachable) when changing network settings in yast? is there a solution?

ad problem2) this is also very bad for productive systems if the network devices are downed/upped whenever there is a small network settings change in yast. For example, I can just add entries to the resolv.conf for dns changes and it works fine - but not permanently, after a reboot/running yast the settings are away. is there a way to set this correctly without down/up of the network?

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You don’t have to use yast to configure the settings. Just a thought.

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the problem is that yast overwrites all settings in the “normal” locations upon SuSEconfig or reboot, so changes are lost then. Or can I edit these yast settings manually somewhere?

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just some addition to this topic. I’m not sure if it helps finding the bug, but maybe.
I had the same experience of loosing network when reconfiguring with yast2. Intranet was working, but could not get past our gateway.
When I looked again into the yast2 Network Settings, I noticed the entry in the ‘default gateway’ was gone…cleared…emptied! After correcting this, the connection comes back properly, but it is very annoying. This is surely a bug.

as far as i understand it, YaST2 doesn’t pick and choose when network settings (even minor ones) are changed. it assumes that all changes are major and restarts. i am too new to know the individual ways of changing things, but there are other ways to change major and minor settings. YaST2 is just for those of us who are not so good with console or who don’t know where to look for the commands…and thank the gods that someone did that for me!!!


Try making your changes here /etc/sysconfig/network/config. If I remember correctly this is were the yast gui tools write changes before they are written out to individual files like /etc/resolv.conf. The other advantage is that yast reads its setting from this file. Look for these entries:


I Hope this helps.

Take a look at the post I just made to “all I want is a static ip” by WHATCH Dec 4 2008. Although that is for a Static IP, the steps are largely the same although simpler for DHCP.

You’ll see I address your issue…
I disable Network Manager and enable the traditional IFDOWN/IFUP so that I can quickly recycle the NIC to update the new NIC configuration immediately.

Too bad you can’t do this with the Network Manager GUI.