Suse 11 SP2 Linux Enterprise Does not fit on 4.7 -r dvd

Why does Novell keep shooting themselves in the foot? Really getting frustrated with them. Things like a simple ISO that wont fit on most peoples DVD burners. Why not create 3 ISOs? I sure am not going to go out and buy dual layer just to try their EVAL.


From Novell web site. Is this just plain stupid or am I missing something?

Installation Instructions and MD5 Values

Important: The SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 product ISO images can be written on any DVD disk. The product ISO images fit on a single layer DVD media. The SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 source ISO images however require to be written on a double layer(DL) DVD such as a DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL due to their size which exceeds a single layer DVD capacity.

— David-
… is frustrated with Novell

Hm? According to the text you quote, it does fit on a single layer DVD media.
Just the ISO with the source codes (which you don’t need for running the product) needs a double layer DVD.

And btw., these are the openSUSE Forums, so you’re not really at the right place with such a question about SLED…

egg on my face, thank you

If you burn the ISO to disk as a file, it won’t fit. You have to “burn image to disk”. And indeed, these are the openSUSE Forums.

As indicated above, these are the openSUSE forums, notthe SLES/SLED foriums. You better go to: The same username/password as here.

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