SUSE 11 rc2 installation

Hey, Guys

Just a little post-installation infor of the latest development release of 11. Most of the system are perfect. The arting is great and system runs fast. However there still has some problems on my installation. Hope most of them can be fixed in final release.

  1. Video Card (3D) & Wireless Card(my signature) work out of box which is perfect.

  2. Firefox(64bit) java plugin still doesnot work for me even I used the 1-click install. However flash plugin work after the 1-click install,

  3. Firefox rearrange some website layout which make the tidy website looks awful

  4. Acer 6292 buildin Mic needs some tweak (/etc/module.d/sound) to work

  5. Laptop keyboard shortcut (such as volumn control) doesnot work.

  6. Chinese input keyboard shortcut only work under root login. (This is the most confusing part)

  7. Suspend to Ram gives errorcode 127 by kpowersave (I do not know how to attach a log file in forum, so if you need, let me know. I can email to you).

  8. Kontact can not show any component out of box (This probably my installation problem, but I do not have time to have another try). Konsole can not remember the customized settings.

The Firefox issues may be more due to the beta state of Firefox than openSUSE. You can enable Mozilla’s BuildService repo and install the stable 2.x series.