Suse 11 RC1 hangups

Hi Folks,

installed suse 11 rc and it is excellent however I have noticed the system seems to hang to such an extent I literally have to hold down the laptop button on my laptop to reboot (i.e. all mouse and keyboard interactions do not respond).

The issue seems to occur randomly whcih doesn’t help me submit a bug report. Has anyone seen this so far or have any suggestions in how to diagnose the problem?


I downloaded rc1 and installed it on a desktop P4, 32bit, without any problems. I used KDE 4.04 and I think you did a great job!

I looked at Yast’s various module and also tried to upgrade. Some patch’es came in, and I think there was a kernel-update.

One thing was strange - this was the grub-bootmenu after kernelupdate:


(pae)? Hope there will be a better kernelname in the final release.


Hi Michael,

Have only had issues when trying to run with the Xen kernel on my laptop. Still need to try to feed the output to the console for that one… but that is another story.

Which version did you use to install (LiveCD, DVD - 32 or 64 bit?)

and what kernel are you running at the moment? (issue a ‘uname -a’ on your console)


ps. Holding down the power button, does that let the laptop shut down by itself, or do you mean ‘hard power off’?

Even on my AMD opteron machine, the system randomly hangs. And its happening when I am using Yast.

Well, at least that is more specific…
Any special modules of YaST causing the lockup?

I’m having a hard time with rc1, after running an update with zypper it is hanging on boot (after grub) doesn’t even show anything on screen. After hitting reset a load of times I got it to start but gnome crashes on load making it unusable.

I hope the release doesn’t have the same problem for me.

I’ll keep testing and try and find the update thats causing the problems, I suspect it’s the kernel update though.

Its happening when I am using yast for network settings or sound configuration or even software management. I haven’t tested others. Network and sound are not working for me, which is strange considering its a nforce4 chipset with soundblaster audigy. Both are working perfectly on 10.3

YaST install might be bad.

My own RC1 install has been smooth (the only problem I’ve had was a hang in the updater, and some unfixable dependencies on the KDE4 side, but only with specific applets, none of which I usually use, even when running KDE4). I have four desktop environments installed (GNOME, KDE4, IceWM, and TWM), with GNOME (with compiz-manager, of course) as my default. (Having compiz-manager, GNOME, and the Emerald theme manager, along with several nifty screenlets, in the same distribution, is very much an epic win; nothing against KDE, but until it supports OSS, I’ll be staying with GNOME as my desktop environment of choice.)

I’ve since updated to the GM bits and bytes (including adding XGL to the mix), and I’m finding that openSuSE is well on the way toward making Linux a truly viable desktop option (at least for me).