Suse 11 - raid -please HELP

i decided to add raid 1 to my existing suse 11. popped the drives in, and setup the raid bios for raid 1. Its a MSI KT4 Ultra board with PDC20376 (Promise 376) raid controller. Once in suse, it sees the two drives as dev/sdc and dev/sdd. am i missing something? shouldn’t it see just one 640GB drive? Please help.

Yes, if you set up RAID-1 at BIOS level, you should see only one drive in openSUSE. Check your BIOS settings again.
You can also set up RAID-1 at openSUSE level.

Bios is showing the array functioning. I think it could be a driver issue? no idea.

Also, maybe this will help. I created a new raid 0 array. So i should see only 1 drive. i go to Yast -> partitioner and see 2 drives again. dev/sdc and dev/sdd. hmm. under hardware info, i see that they are attached to the right controler and that it is using the sata_promise driver ( Promise Raid Controller ). whats going on?

Can’t comment on that further. I haven’t seen that controller before. If you don’t have any useful data on them, proceed with the installation and see what happens.

Dear Madam (or Sir),
My name is Velibor Glisin and recently I have downloaded Novell SLES and SLED 11.1 in order to install them on one older server. That server is one older FSC Primergy N400 (
The idea was to install Novell SLES 11.1 and to use SLED 11.1 on one notebook, to test (how-tos this and that).

Even though, on that server is running SLES 10, I can’t install SLES 11.1! It has found RAID controller, but SLES 11.1 can’t find any disks!!!
I try to format everything and to install SLES 10, and everything works fine, without any problems.

Now, my time to use 90days evaluation is running out, and I don’t know what to do:

  1. Is there some device driver which was removed from SLES 11.1?

  2. Can I somehow use drivers from SLES 10 and put them under 11.1? I don’t know how to do that…

  3. Can I use somekind of online update, and update whole SLES 10 to SLES 11.1?

Please, give me some clue, I would like to migrate dhcp, dns, mail, LAMP and CMS on linux, but there is this hardvare issue. Of course eDirectory is the thing I am just learning to use, but I suppose some synchronisation between MS and Novell will be quite good and stable.

Best regards,
M.Sc. Velibor Glisin

I think you are confused. SLED 11.1 is not available. It is openSUSE 11.1. SLED is available only from Novell.