I’m installing SuSe11 on my configuration (asus p5e mobo).
I have 4HDs. 2 of which are set up to raid 0 (BIOS setup).
When I install suse it prompts me with a warning that it needs to have a boot partition in order to boot normaly. So the config is: / partition is on the raid, so is the /boot.
/home partition is on one of the other drives (non raid).

When install finishes, it boots the OS (without restarting) and it works fine. Problem is when I reboot the system i get the generic "no system found insert bootable disk and press any key).

So ,obviously, the boot loader does not get installed as it should. When i try fixing the system using suse’s DVD repair system feature, it scans my harddrives and says “no proper root partition found” (or something like that)

So the problem is: system gets installed fine, starts normaly for the first time, but on the first reboot the sh*t hits the fan and all goes to hell.

Am I misconfiguring my RAID?

I would recommend putting the boot partition on a partition other than the raid. And install your bootloader on the boot sector of that partition.