SuSe 11+Pentium 3+ATI Radeon 7000 PCI


I am impressed! I have tried to make this old machine work with many other distros and none worked well, nor with the video card or sometimes in that old hardware, it is a Pentium 3 with 500mhz + 500mb RAM + ATI Radeon 7000 PCI 64mb video card + 20 GB HD.
I wanted to rescue this machine which belongs to a friend of mine, it originally carried windows XP but I wanted to give linux a shot, after many, many attempts using small distros I decided to give it a shot with a bigger one to if the kernel and hardware recognition was better, and I was very dissapointed, ubuntu-kubuntu didnt work too heavy, xubuntu did but didnt recognize the video card very well… I tried with zenwalk, fedora, and others ad none of them worked. To make the story short, desperate to find the right distro I tried opensuse 10.3 which I had long time ago. My surprise everything worked out of the box, except the Ethernet card… plugged in an old one that I had in my drawer and BINGO! Even compiz worked out of the box just with a click in the enable desktop effects. This is great, never thought that gnome could run this fast in this old pc. I only need to configure the screen resolution because for default is 800x600, I cannot find the way to make yast work to do that, it just make some adjustments but do not show me the configuration GUI as it did in the live cd which even allowed me to plug dual monitors. I cannot even install the ATI drivers cause it seems its not working.

Please send me an answer and see you guys later, LINUX ROCK!:nerd:

Try using SaX2 directly rather than through YaST. It may not work but if it does, I would leave things as they are as there are known to be problems with ATI drivers which you may find difficult to resolve.

Hey John Thanks! I have found that the only way to solve the resolution thing is making a new fresh install and choosing your desired resolution since the beginning… I will try to do that soon. I have purchased in amazon another PCI video card for this old rig, a nvidia one… so I may be setting up a little more powerful computer with the ATI Radeon 7000 one and configuring the resolution since the very beginning. Thanks for your answer!