Suse 11 - Install, YaST and Compiz

Three parter…
I have an Athlon 3500+ 64, NVidia 6800, Audigy 2 SZ computer, all standard. No funny special
hardware. The install DVD is for a x64 system and it was downloaded from

I couldn’t use anything but VESA or text here. Although it clearly finds my graphicscard and
shows the screen and all it doesn’t after making the install option. In the install I
didn’t get to add online repos, domain name or anything like that. It basically let me decide
time, location and what packages to install along with first user and root password.
Is this:
a) normal
b) missed options
c) gone missin’

When I start the system starts up and I open up YaST it only show the hardware menu to the
left. There is NO other option like software or security or anything like it was in 10.2 or
10.3. After having used zypper to install every kind of yast* package it shows them to a
degree but software is factory install etc and installation into directory. However, there is
a menu option below yast in the menu called ‘Install Software’ which requires root
password and works like it did in 10.2 and 10.3 but then it was inside YaST.
Also all icons with YaST, prior and after is
two face with a white plussign in a green circle.

A) normal
B) wtf?
C) just reinstall since this is waayyy off.

After install I set about to install Compiz-Fusion of course. One-Click install
offers me to save nvidia.ymp file, not opening YaST. I open YaST to find problem described
above, looking around I find Install Software and proceeds to add every online repo I can
possibly need. Checking NVidia drivers and Compiz packages, finding them preinstalled I
forgo the .ymp and tries to run it. No luck so clicking on One-Click install again after a
reboot I still get save .ymp file.
I go to Install Software and updates
everything from there. Now I can start compiz fusion which promptly strips me of my
programbars, desktops and anything else needed. I do not get cube or anything like
that however in return. I use the Icon to shut it down and all goes back to normal.

a) Some option missed within compiz options? (none touched aside adding cube and rotate)
b) missing NVIdia drivers somehow?
c) missing Compiz package somehow?
d) dependent on above?
e) just drop like dead cat and go back to 10.3?

Sorry if the descriptions aren’t clear enough to give you an accurate picture of what has
happened on my system. The options are for quick replies as I’ve grown weary of guessing.
Also they hint of what I think is wrong. For what it’s worth everything else seems to work
as intended as far as I can tell. From YaST->hardware->GC&Monitor it has found my
screen and card and I have activated 3D from there as well. All checks out…

I know it’s just sparkly but I like sparkly even if all I do is code Java on this box :slight_smile:

Bump this about Yast2

I also have only Hardware listed

this is very inconvenient