suse 11 initrd missing after update


i have a dedicated server with suse 11.After a reboot
i got to the grub> prompt and the system stopped there .

They connected me with an ipkvm to the server and inserted a gentoo live cd (this is what they probably had available) to try to solve the problem. I booted the live cd, mounted the partitions of suse and found out that the menu.lst of grub was empty,and plus there was none of the previous kernels on /boot, only a newer one and no initrd files at all

i guess after an update the initrd image was not created successfuly and that caused the problem

My question is :

can i generate an initrd image (using mkinitrd maybe) with a gentoo live cd ,

or if they can find a suse live cd can i generate the image from there to solve the problem ? i have no physical contact with the server so the things are a bit difficult …

please help , and thank you for the time …

if you need any farther info i m pleased to provide it to you

Run the repair system on the openSUSE install media.

BTW, you say SUSE 11. Do you mean SLES 11 or openSUSE 11.x? SLES is not the same as openSUSE you know I hope?

thank you for your fast answer

It is opensuse 11.0 not SLES

Is it safe to repair the installation with the DVD ? i dont want to have to reconfigure the whole server …

Yes, the repair system doesn’t do a reinstall.

Right now i don’t have available the suse dvd , i m still booted to the gentoo live cd … maybe if they can provided i ll do it later.

I have tryied the following :

boot gentoo live cd
mounted the / and boot/ partitions on /mnt/1 /mnt/1/boot
chrooted to /mnt/1
and tryed to make an new initrd :
/sbin/mkinitrd /boot/vmlinux-
and got the following :

cannot find /boot/vmlinux- try specifying a correct file with the -M option

any ideas? any chance what i am doing might work ?

No idea if it will work but don’t specify any arguments to mkinitrd.

they put the opensuse live cd inside , can i repaire from there ?

Yes, that should have a repair option.

well… it didn’t but they finally inserted an installation dvd and i am repairing now … will let you know . Thanks a lot

they made an opensuse 11.0 installation dvd and inserted it on the server, but the repair didn’t fix the missing initrd img problem … it didn’t actually find any problem to fix (apart from a slightly corrupted root partition) so i had to reimage the server and put the hard drive as a slave to take the files i needed …

strange thing with the repair … i thought it will just reinstall the kernel … but it didn’t do much

Well thanks a lot for the help anyway