suse 11 freezes at login screen

Hi guys. I’ve just installed suse 11 on my machine. In normal boot mode, when it gets to the boot screen, the computer freezes. Nothing works, not even ctrl-alt-backspace, nor changing to another console. When i boot suse in safe mode, everything works just fine. I figure the problem must come from the graphic driver. I have a Saphire ATI Radeon 9550 with 256 DDRII vram. The driver is the one suse comes with. I tried disabling 3daccel in sax, but that doesn’t do it either. When i press “Test configuration” button in sax, the computer freezez again. Any iddeas on how i may solve this? Thx.

Holly ****. This is unbelievable. All i did was to run the proprietary ati installer, hit direct install, run from init 3 “aticonfig --initial -f” and reboot. Everything works great. 3Daccel the desktop, everything.the driver version i just installed is ati 8.8. Just in case anyone else encounters the problem. Thx.