Suse 11 does not see my Intel 3945 wireless

I have a new Dell 1525 laptop. It originally had Vista on
it, but I swapped in a new disk and installed Suse 11.0 on
that. The wireless worked fine under Vista so I know the
hardware should be OK. But, the wireless (which I think is an
Intel 3945) doesn’t show up at all under Suse. If I go to
yast, and select network devices, my wired network card shows
but there is no wireless entry. Nor does it show up under
hardware. And if I select “hardware information” the wireless
does not show up in the list. Similarly, lspci -v shows
everything BUT the wireless card. Anyone have any idea as to
what is going wrong? I note that the wired ethernet works fine.
I know that there have been some problems with the driver for
the 3945 in 11.0, but (at least to me) this seems more fundamental
than a driver problem. Shouldn’t it at least SEE the hardware?