SUSE 11 CD did not ask tp upgrade ?

Hi all,

I’m just installing SUSE 11. I had already decided not to upgrade from SUSE 10.3, but to do a fresh install. After backing up all my data onto a USB drive I booted from the SUSE 11 CD (not DVD).

During the infrmation gathering excerise (i.e. time zones, partitions, etc) at no time was I asked to upgrade or do a fresh install.

I also noticed on the instructions on the opensuse web site that upgrading is only mentioned in the DVD version and the CD version of the instructions does not mention upgrading.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bothered, but why does the CD version not give me the upgrade option - or am I missing something? :cool:

Upgrade is only available on the DVD.


Anyone seen a problem at the “Copy root FileSystem” stage? Mines been stuck at 97% for about 20 minutes now.

My mistake - in the excitement I forgot to check the CD (check media) and it had an error. Redownloaded the ISO and reburnt it again, Media check OK this time. The install has now completed ok. :smiley:

That will teach me!