Suse 11 boot failure - install does not work

First of all i am complete newcomer to all things linux. I have a Dell Vostro 1000 laptop which initially had windows vista on. I did a clean install of Ubuntu which worked well but im now trying to change to an install of Suse. Ive tried installing several times but i can never get the installation to boot.

When booting the loading screen gets about two thirds of the way through most of the time. I get an error message saying:

"unknown username “root” in message bus configuration file - could not get password information for user “root”.

Eventually the system runs through to a command line login screen but has the following failed services in runlevel5:

dbus rpcbind avahi-daemon network-remotefs nscd postfix

I can’t log in to the system using root and the set password.

As an aside i ran the system repair tools and my partition dev\ext3 cannot be resized because it is inconsistent and if i try to boot into an installed system from the repair section of the disk it says “no linux root partition found”

As i say i am completely new to linux and all the associated commands/methods. I am competent with computers however so following commands should not be an issue.

This looks like corrupt installation media. Did you check the download? Checked the media with the option from the install disk?

To find out if it’s your hardware (which IMHO is not), download a Live-CD, and boot from it. If that runs OK, it’s almost definitely a media problem.

I agree with Knurpht’s assessment.

Please also note our two stickie on installing openSUSE-11.2. Reading (and as applicable following the advice in) these first before buring the CD (or DVD) may save you time later:

Try this - it worked for me.

Do another install. Where it asks for user name and password there are three check boxes. Leave them all blank. A second screen should appear asking for the root password. Enter your root password. When the login appears, login as ‘root’ and use the root password.