suse 11 andd crypto-files


during the installation of Suse 11, i chose to create a crypted file. All went smooth, and now I have the fillowing entries:

# cat /etc/crypttab 
cr_data.txt     /data.txt            none       none
#cat /etc/fstab 
/dev/mapper/cr_data.txt /mnt/data            reiserfs   acl,user_xattr,noauto 0 0

Now I would like to create a second crypt-file.
I used

#  dd if=/dev/zero of=/cdata.txt count=10GB

to fill the file, and I wanted to format it and add it to the system…

I tried with:

# cryptsetup create cdata /cdata.txt 


# cryptsetup luksFormat /cdata.txt 

but nothing works… do you know where the trick is?



See the next url, where you have all the steps:

Novell Documentation

Once there, look in the menu at your left the section Security -> Encrypting partitions and files-> Setting Up an Encrypted File System with YaST -> 42.1.2 Creating an Encrypted Partition on a Running System.

Hope this helps.

Thanks REALLY a lot. You solved my problem.