Suse 11 and firefox display

I’ve just installed Suse 11, opened firefox and despite my desktop resolution being 1680x1050, everything in firefox is MASSIVE

It almost looks like it would opened on a desktop with a resolution of something like 640x480 or 800x600, no other applications appear to be affected in this way

Anyone have ideas why this might be happening?


Is FF zoomed? View->Zoom->Reset

Definitely not down to zooming m8, already thought of that, have to zoom in 4 or 5 times to view text on pages in anything like a ‘normall’ size

The icons, toolbars etc are still huge and fuzzy though, zooming only really affects the text

Typing this in opera and whilst the text on pages is normal, text in the box about twice the size it normally is

It’s a new one on me …

Well that seems to have resolved itself

I still have 10.3 installed and both 10.3 and 11 are using the same home partition, and my firefox and thunderbird profiles are in the same user home folder

Booted back into 10.3 to look at something, had to use the Zoom Reset in firefox, booted back into 11 and firefox display is as normal

It did install an update to FireFtp when I started firefox in Suse 11, so I can only think using the zoom reset in 10.3 fixed it or the fireftp update did

Either way, it’s all good now (let’s hope it stays that way!)