suse 11.4, yast, printer, no parallel ports

after a fresh install of suse 11.4, Yast cannot configure my local printer ( Epson Epl-5700) because there is no parallel port available.
How can I make parallel ports work?

Open a shell (terminal).
modprobe -v the following:

Do all as root. Apparently the mods are no longer a part of the auto install. They are there, so just start them yourself. Once you do this, have a lsmod and you will see them loaded and in use (at least one of them) Yast will now auto-configure your printer.

Thanks for your advice, it is working.
parport and parport_pc had been alresdy loade, only lp has been missing.

Do you know even the right line to put in /etc/modprobe.d/99-local.conf for make lp being loaded while booting.

Although I tried a manual method, the best is to use Yast. Go to:
Yast=> /etc/sysconfig Editor. In the left panel, open system=>kernel=>MODULES_LOADED_ON_BOOT
Add the term “lp” and save. That will fix it.

great news, lp is loaded and working from bootup

Thanks a lot

Similar problem here… Managed to follow instructions as per post, above, from ‘Ixthusdan’.

But anyone now know where to find drivers for Epson LX-300 printer? They don’t appear to be included with 11.4?