Suse 11.4 Wired Network Problem

Hello again, My Suse 11.4 wired network is not displayed in the bottom panel inside of my networkmanager. I can connect to the internet It just shows a red box with a white x inside near my clock is there anyway to get this working?:slight_smile:

There are two ways of handling networks. You can use “ifup”, which is a series of scripts that run when you boot. Or you can use NetworkManager, which is interactive.

It seems that your system is set to use “ifup”. So is mine. If it is working well for you, there is no need to change that, and you can eliminate that read box with the panel settings. However, if you have a laptop, you might want more user control such as is provided by NetworkManager. You can switch between then in Yast/Network Devices/Network Settings.

Thank you that was a very easy fix :slight_smile: