Suse 11.4 KDE Unable to detect Verizon mifi2200

Greetings, Just installed Suse 11.4 Kde build. Using 64 bit ECS A780GM-A Ultra Mobo, 4 gigs ram, Athlon 7550 CPU, I am unable to detect my Verizon broadband MIFI 2200 with this new OS, have used Ubuntu in the past. Plugged in USB cable for modem into different ports, still does not work, Any suggestions, ? Thanks.

I’m not sure what you mean by it “does not work”. What do you expect it to do and what is it doing instead? As I understand it, the mifi2200 creates a mobile hotspot using cellphone service - I thought that the USB cable was only for charging it.

A first step would be to post the output of “lsusb” here, so we can determine if it is being properly detected or not.