suse 11,4 - KDE, firefox keyboard stalling

I’ve been having problems with firefox(updated) keyboard stalling. It’s throwing off my typing. The stalls are small about a second, but making typing a problem. I have to wait for the stall to pass before I can finish typing a word. It happens very frequently.

I have 4GB and an AMD 6000. Can someone help?

Sometimes, just after an update, if you don’t restart FF, it behaves strangely :smiley:
Is there anything else running (top)?
New test user? Does it have same issue

Well, I restarted firefox and rebooted the system. I’m still getting stalls. Running programs? Just the standard ones. Add a new user via admin? Ok, i’ll give that a shot. How do I get a list of running programs? If this were mswin, i’ll say spyware or adware. :wink:

System Monitor
top (in a terminal)

On 07/09/2011 09:36 PM, lord valarian wrote:
> I’m still getting stalls.

describe exactly what happens…like, are you typing into a message box
at (say) facebook, or these forums, or gmail, or or or or and you notice
that as you type nothing shows up on the screen for a half a second,
or even a full second, or a very tiny part of a second and then suddenly
it does show on your screen?

things like that (while typing into a browser window) has been happening
to me occasionally for over 10 years with a variety of machines,
operating systems, desktop environments and browsers…it is just the
nature of the beast of typing into a local browser which is real time
communicating across the internet to a distant server which is
‘catching’ your typing as you type…

doing that it echoes back what it gets to let your browser know what you
typed has arrived…

now, the exact number of microseconds between your finger pressing (say)
X and a new X showing up on your screen probably varies some, and that
is due to net congestion and/or slight delays inside your own machine
depending on what else you have going on…

what i do is, just keep typing even if i can’t see it show up on the
screen as my finger get to the bottom of the key movement
distance…usually, it just shows up only slightly delayed…


I occasionally saw those stalls with firefox 4. I haven’t yet seen them with firefox 5.

When I saw them, I assumed it was because firefox was using too much memory and perhaps was paging. Shutting down and restarting firefox fixed it.

I usually shutdown and restart firefox once per day. The stalling behavior has always been close to the end of that period (the one day run time).

I do have firefox set to clear history on shutdown. I don’t know whether the size of history is relevant to your problem.

I’m getting stalling system wide, even in console. It been up to 3 seconds. I’v been checking the system monitor. I’m getting big spikes of cpu usage. Older versions of suse didn’t have this problem. If the internet is the cause, can shut it down temporarily to speed up typing?

It should be possible to see what is causing those spikes…

It should be possible to see what is causing those spikes.

The spikes are about 75% of the cpu. The others were from a music video I had playing. I stopped everything but firefox, but still have that spike. The other tabs are usually inactive. How do find out what’s causing the problem? Is there a way to find highest usage of the cpu by a process? This is seriously affecting my ability to type messages. Seems to happen for a while then stops. The DVD drives will spin up now and then for no reason.

On 07/18/2011 10:06 PM, lord valarian wrote:
> Is there a way to find highest usage of the cpu by
> a process?

sure, lot of ways…one is to start top in a konsole/terminal…

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The terminal is now almost impossible to use most of the time. I have to press return twice and just about everywhere else. The keyboard is skipping letters when I type. MSWIN is working fine with my keyboard. Would the frequent dvd spin up be causing the stalling? It stalls for a while I type then stops. Then starts again. :stuck_out_tongue:

>sure, lot of ways…one is to start top in a konsole/terminal.

“start top” doesn’t do anything. How? Other ways.

Just type “top” (without the quotes).



Top command is working, how do I record which process is spiking the cpu? I have system monitor(KDE) in suse 11.4 Does the same thing, but I don’t know how to record. Save output will save that specific info?

Ok, one way to record the output would be :

Start a terminal, make its window as big as possible.

wait until the top command shows the info.

hit CTRL+C this stop the top command output.

Now mark the results from the top command with the mouse and hit CTRL+SHIFT+C.

Open up a text editor (eg. kwrite), hit CTRL+V - now you have pasted the output into the text editor…



Ok, but I have to catch it at moment it spikes. Not so easy.