Suse 11.4 - I am Impressed

This version is the best install, very fast operation, including the KpackageKit. Very good overall, the only problem I had was with the some of the ICONS having a big fat, ? right in the middle, but somehow on the updates it fixed itself so…Keep up the excellent work. This distro by far, will hopefully cause a lot of Windows users to consider taking another look at Linux. I started with Suse 6.4 and your product gets nicer and easier to install every time I upgrade. I just had thought…seeing Bill Gates running for the hills with a whole bunch of ex-Microsoft users after his A?? for all the buggy **** he puts out. **** fine job, Opensuse !!!

Another happy camper
Thanks for the feedback

That is nice, but in your happiness you missed that you posted this in the forums where Forums Commenst/suggestions are to be posted. That is when you have problems using these very forums, or want to suggest where these forums could be better. Next time it would better catch the eyes of other (un)happy openSUSE users to post in General Chitchat.

Well, the forum says and is named “Forum Feedback”, I didn’t see a Forum Comments/Suggestions, so that is why it is posted on “Forum Feedback”. But thank you for your comments…

Feedback on the forums, how the forums function (or not), how they could be better, etc. Not openUSE Feedback.

Sorry we only try to give people as much satisfaction of these Forums as possible. One method is to let them post in the best place for their problem/comment/praise. :wink: