SUSE 11.4 - How to create shortcuts from exe/bin files

I just installed SUSE 11.4/KDE4.6 and some apps - including the pgAdmin3 GUI client app for PostgreSQL database. AFAIK the apps were installed and the correct files appear in their respective folders.

One of the progs I need is pgAdmin3 which exists in the /usr/bin folder. However when I try to launch this from the app launcher the file is not found. (If I start from a terminal command it works correctly).

I’d like to be able to create either a shortcut or app menu entry to launch this app. However if I right click on the file (in the Dolphin fm) there is no ‘Create Shortcut’ option. AFAIK I though this used to work.

Since this is my first SUSE install I’m not sure if this is a KDE problem or a problem with this particular app.


Right click on the Kmenu (the green lizard lower left that starts the main menu). I have a different language, but to uppermosr entry says something like Configure Program. Start from there. When you got stuck, report and ask here again.

Right click on desktop folder,and create new link to application.Edit its properties and SUSE Paste
Edit the command line to the command you would type.

Image pasting is not working.So I gave you a link.

In openSuSE 11.4, there is no “new link to application”, if doing right click !

This depends on the type of desktop you are using. I think that by default KDE4 will make all desktops of the type “Desktop”, while you are able to create links if the desktop is of type “show folder” - note that my system is not in english, so my translation is approximate.

But you shouldn’t concern yourself with changing the desktop type for now, there are some pitfalls if you’re not sure of what you are doing.

I think it would be better if you simply create a menu entry. This is reasonably easy to do:

  1. right-click the green lizard round button at the left of the panel (the “menu” button"). A small menu will appear, click the top option, edit apps or something similar. KDE’s menu editor will open up.

  2. Select one of the categories, for example, Applications, by clicking once on it and click the “New Item” button on the toolbar. In the dialog window that opens, type the title you want to give to the menu item and it will be created under the category you chose.

  3. Now make sure the new item in the left panel is selected and fill in the fields in the “General” tab in the right panel. Fill in (or browse by clicking the little folder icon to the right) at least the path and name of the executable, in the “command” field. You can also enter a description for the app and whatever comments you may add. To associate it with an icon click the empty “square” do the right of the name and description fields and a dialog will open showing a lot of icons to choose from. Also check the “other icons” option as many packages not part of KDE drop their icons there.

  4. After chosing an icon (that will appear on the previously empty “square”) click the save button in the menu toolbar and exit the Menu Editor. The menu entry for your app is then included in the menu.

  5. Click on the menu button, in the search box type at least three consecutive letters of the title you gave the menu entry. It will appear below the search box. Right-click on it and choose “Add to Favorites” if you want.

Many thanks for your reply.

I cannot find where the “empty square” has to be found ?

Hi again.

I got it now.

Many thanks for your great help

You’re welcome :slight_smile: