Suse 11.3: No KDE/X11 start on ATI Radeon RV280 5960


Whenever I used a DVI connection, it would boot and work for about 10 to 30 seconds and then my screen would blank. Plugged in an old VGA monitor (hopefully, you happen to have one…) and had no problems getting in. Updated the drivers, and then plugged the DVI monitor back in and the problem was resolved.

I already have an old VGA monitor connected to that one :slight_smile:
Mine turns blank already during booting. But I can get in (with some tricks - see above) on the console.

What did you do exactly to “update the drivers” ?
I already tried to apply all the Suse patches via yast, in hope this will solve the problem - unfortunately it didn’t.
Or do you mean to select packages in yast and then apply the right-click-entry “update if newer version available” ?